smileclub by upwell

One of the many benefits of being a prescription services member is receiving occasional deliveries of the SmileClub box.

Our partners

We work with companies who also have your health and wellness in mind, with products highly relevant to our members and their chronic-condition needs. Our partners’ products are simple to use, and easily integrate into our members’ lives. Best of all, the SmileClub box is sent to you at no additional charge.

Premium products for you

Check out a sample SmileClub box above to get an idea of the type of products you’ll receive just for being an UpWell prescription-services member.

upwell’s other features

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We work with your doctor and insurance to get the medications you need, and enable you to keep track online.

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We provide information, articles and recipes based on your interests to keep you informed, happy and healthy.

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We provide practical advice and answers from doctors, pharmacists, and others living with chronic conditions.

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