prescription services & management

We want to make it easier for you to get the medications you need and help eliminate the worry of remembering (or forgetting) what, when, and how much of each medication you take. And the best part is, this service is provided at no additional cost to you.

what to expect

We’ll get you started

After you join UpWell, register for prescription services and a member our customer service team will call to collect your prescription, doctor, and insurance information.


We’ll renew your prescriptions

We’ll coordinate with your doctor and insurance to prevent interruptions in your prescription supply, while saving you time and hassle.


We offer a new level of convenience

You can choose to receive your prescriptions by mail or pharmacy pick-up—whichever is most convenient for you.


We’ll keep you informed

Should you need to visit your doctor to authorize another refill, we’ll let you know when you need to take action.

We’ll keep your info secure

Your personal information is as important to us as it is to you. Our site is secured in accordance with HIPAA compliance laws and regulations.


We’re here if you need us

We offer unparalleled support through our telephone help lines and email. You can also speak directly to a pharmacist via live chat to discuss questions about your medications. 

We’ll help you stay on top of your meds

Through our secure, online tool we bring your prescription medication info—including refills and ship dates—together into one simple interface.

upwell’s other features

Tailored content

We provide information, articles and recipes based on your interests to keep you informed, happy and healthy.

Personalized support

We’re only a click, call or live chat away. We understand what you’re going through and are here to help.

SmileClub by UpWell

We periodically ship a free handpicked array of healthy lifestyle products for prescription-services members.

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