your own personal assistant

Our team of wellness coaches and experts are geared up to support you.

Click, call or chat

As anyone with a chronic condition knows, the last thing you need is to waste time listening to automated menus or running all over town. We get it. You can pick up the phone or click live chat and we’re right here to help.

Our service-first approach helps relieve some of the constant pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so you can spend more time on life’s important moments.

Certified health coaches

We have certified health coaches on-staff who are trained in helping change health behaviors, establishing new habits, and overcoming set-backs. They’ll start you off with a health assessment, and then coach you one-on-one through a 21-day wellness program. Our coaches are available via live chat and phone to answer any questions.

Wellness concierge

Our core service simplifies the management of your prescriptions—saving you time and hassle. And best of all, we can provide this premium service for the same co-pay that you’re already paying. And in some cases, we can even do it for less.

Let our highly-trained staff coordinate with your doctor, insurance company, and the pharmacy. We’ll keep track of refills and prescriptions, so you’ll have one less thing you need to worry about.

upwell’s other features

Prescription services

We work with your doctor and insurance to get the medications you need, and enable you to keep track online.

Tailored content

We provide information, articles and recipes based on your interests to keep you informed, happy and healthy.

Expert & community support

We provide practical advice and answers from doctors, pharmacists, and others living with chronic conditions.

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