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What is UpWell?

UpWell (the name is a combination of “upward” and “wellness”) reflects our belief in the power of rising above a chronic condition to live a life full of wellness. For individuals with diabetes, mental health or heart conditions, we bring together services, education and tools to help them lead an empowered, simpler life.

Our mission is to advocate for our members in a concierge-like way. We work directly with you, your doctors, and insurance company to get you the care you need. We coordinate everything so you don’t have to.

What does UpWell offer?

UpWell communities share relatable advice, expert answers, inspiration, recipes and articles, all tailored for specific chronic conditions. Coming soon to UpWell is the coordination and shipping of medications and secure digital tools to easily manage prescriptions and track dosage.

What will members gain from being a part of UpWell?

Members will receive personalized services, education and tools including:

  • Healthy recipes for every meal of the day
  • Articles with tips about your condition, information about exercise, complications, treatment options, diet, nutrition and more
  • Expert answers to your most daunting questions by trusted healthcare professionals
  • Peer support and access to a community of individuals with similar conditions who’ve been in your shoes

COMING SOON: With UpWell as your personal assistant, we coordinate with you, your doctors and your insurance provider, making it easier to get the medications you need. Our secure, online tool enables you to track all your medications, see refill schedules and dosage information. Plus, choose to receive your prescriptions by mail or pharmacy pick-up – whichever is most convenient. UpWell members who receive prescription-delivery services will also be part of the SmileClub.

How do I register for prescription services?

Prescription services are coming soon; however, you can still sign up and we’ll notify you as soon as they are available in your area. You can register for prescription services by signing in to your account, then clicking on “My Rx” in the top navigation bar.

How much does it cost to be a member of UpWell?

There is no additional cost.

How is this possible? How do you make money?

Your co-pays and reimbursement from your insurance company, as well as product partnerships, cover our costs. This allows us to offer better service with fewer restrictions to our members, at no additional charge to you.

Is my medical information secure with UpWell?

Yes! UpWell and its affiliated sites are secured in accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance laws and regulations.

What is the SmileClub by UpWell?

SmileClub is designed to keep UpWell prescription members motivated and inspired through their healthcare journey. Our prescription services members will periodically receive a complimentary SmileClub delivery, a box of premium lifestyle products tailored to them and their conditions. It’s provided at no cost to the member and allows us to deliver a little unscheduled joy right to their door.

How much does the SmileClub cost?

There is no additional cost to receive SmileClub deliveries. Our products are sourced through UpWell’s lifestyle and health partners.

How often will I receive the SmileClub box?

Our plan is to ship out them out approximately once per quarter.

What kinds of things will go in the SmileClub box?

No shipment will be the same but all will contain healthy living products ranging from snacks to every day items.

Can you tell me more about the health coach program?

We have certified health coaches on-staff who are trained in helping change health behaviors, establishing new habits, and overcoming set-backs. They’ll start you off with a health assessment, and then coach you one-on-one through a 21-day wellness program. Our coaches are available via live chat and phone to answer any questions.

How do I cancel my UpWell membership?

It’s simple. Just contact customer service at for assistance.

How do I get help?

Live chat services are available on or you can contact a member of our customer service team at

How do I get my friends/family on the program?

It’s easy to register! Just show them

What condition(s) do you service? Will you be adding more?

We currently service diabetes, heart conditions, and mental health. We will expand our reach to additional chronic conditions and comorbidities in the future. 

What is an "upvote" and a "downvote"?

In the Q&A section you will notice that you can ask questions, comment on posts and “upvote” or “downvote” when you are logged in to UpWell. By giving something an “upvote” you are giving it a positive rating saying this is insightful or helpful. Therefore, giving something a “downvote” means it is the opposite and is considered a negative vote.


upwell’s other features

Tailored content

We provide information, articles and recipes based on your interests to keep you informed, happy and healthy.

Personalized support

We’re only a click, call or live chat away. We understand what you’re going through and are here to help.

SmileClub by UpWell

We periodically ship a free handpicked array of healthy lifestyle products for prescription-services members.

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