about us

Rooted in the combination of “upward” and “wellness,” the name UpWell reflects our belief in the power of rising above a chronic condition to live a life of wellness, simply.

UpWell is a source for patient empowerment. Our digital experience is designed to provide a streamlined, simpler experience for our members, and address the entire spectrum of wellness management through prescription-fulfillment services, trackers and adherence tools, health and wellness resources, expert advice, community interaction, personalized plans, and much more. 

UpWell members who enjoy prescription-fulfillment services will also be part of the SmileClub by UpWell. They’ll receive free home deliveries of the SmileClub box, a handpicked collection of healthy lifestyle products designed to bring a little unscheduled joy right to their door, and help keep them motivated and inspired.

UpWell is currently in its beta launch, and will incrementally release site improvements and new features throughout 2017.